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var q windowsxpsp3bglanguagepackdownloadPlease enable cookies and refresh the page. How to Change the Language of Your Computer Windows XP. If you want to use a different language in Windows XP, there are a few different ways you can go about it. Windows Xp Sp3 Bg Language Pack DownloadWindows Essentials Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Live Writer reached end of support on January 10, 2017. They are no longer available for download. I have read and understood the disclaimer below and wish to download the designated software. UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. UpdateStar has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8. 1, Windows 8. Home Adam smith capital asset depreciation durable economics s nonrenewable resource physical capital production service stock. Top VIdeos. Warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach in srvusersserverpilotappsjujaitalypublicindex. php on line 447. Windows Xp Sp3 Bg Language Pack DownloadWindows Xp Sp3 Bg Language Pack Download


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var q carrymap34crackleConfirmed to Exist. This is a list of aliens that Ben does have access to, but have never been seen onscreen. Snakepit. Snakepit is an unseen alien, only mentioned in. Rey was a human female scavenger and Force prodigy who discovered her latent Forcesensitivity. Looking for waterfront property in North Idaho Sandpoint water front property guide will assist you in your search. We list all waterfront properties available in. When expanding your bowling ball arsenal you often expand the size of the bags you use to care those bowling balls. Carry 3 bowling balls with ease with one of our. Detox To Jumpstart Diet Bpi Fat Burner B4 Detox To Jumpstart Diet Map Arson Fat Burner Fat Burners Bodybuilding Forum. How to Know What Not to Download. Computers can be used to install, or download, files onto your computer. Downloading is very popular. You can download files, music. Santa Fe Impact Structure, Santa Fe, New Mexico Please proceed to revised paper at http www. In the spring of 2. I discovered shatter cones approximately 1. Historic Santa Fe Plaza on NM Highway 4. Location map of the Santa Fe Impact Structure in north central New. Mexico,USA. Further investigation revealed a road cut with a beautiful nest of shatter cones rivaling those of Vredefort, Sudbury, and other well known shatter cone exposures. The road cut contains shatter cones ranging in size from a few centimeters up to 2 meters in a large tabular lensof resistant crystalline rock striking north south and dipping 6. The lens is composed of several rock types which are cut by a dominant fracture system striking plusor minus 1. The rocks in the lensare schist exhibiting varying degrees of schistosity and grain size. Sony Corporation, Son Kabushiki Kaisha, s o n i often referred to simply as Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate. Subscribe to Vandenberg launch alerts via RSS December 13, 2017 Time still TBD A Delta 4 is scheduled to loft a reconnaissance payload into orbit for the National. Hear that roar A big airplane is taking off Cargo planes carry many goods that we use. Jumbo jets carry many people. Through delightfully simple text and. There is a black, isotropic except for some elongation of the grains, fine grained quartz, hornblende, biotite schist exhibiting very little schistosity that produces the best nestled, convex, horsetail striations shatter cones with the sharpest detail. There is a soft, grey schist exhibiting a high degree of schistosity which contains numerous, convex, horsetail striations shatter cones, but without the fine grained detail found in the hard black schist. Carry Map 3 4 CrackleThe schist is intruded by a granitic rock of at least three different grain sizes very fine grained granite, and fine to medium grained granite, and a pegmatite. There are shatter cones developed in all these granites of varying grain sizes, but as with the schist the finer the grain and more isotropic the rock the sharper and more precise the horsetail striations are. Nest of shatter cones in fine grained granitic rock some of the cones are over 1. Photo of a beautiful shatter cone in a black, hard, isotropic except for some elongation of the grains, fine grained quartz, hornblende, biotite schist exhibiting very little schistosity. Photo of a small shatter cone in a fine grained granitic rock found approximately 1 kilometer west of the above mentioned road cut verifying that the shatter cones were not caused by blasting during road construction.  The discovery of Shatter Cones precipitated an investigation into their origin. Siobhan P.  Frackelman et. Shatter cone and microscopic shock alteration evidence for a post Paleoproterozoic terrestrial impact structure near Santa Fe, New Mexico, USASiobhan P. Fackelman, Jared R. Morrow, Christian Koeberl, Thornton H. Mc. Elvain, 2. 00. Elsevier B. V. All rights reserved.   This paper verified that the horsetail striations are indeed shatter cones and they also found Planar Deformation Features within the shatter cones confirming that they were caused by a bolide impact. The authors speculate the age of the impact to be between early Mississippian and Mesoproterozoic. My research which has continued through 2. Mid Tertiary. The balance of this page is my interpretation of continuing research on the Santa Fe Impact. Structure. The morphological Santa Fe Impact Structure has yet to be defined and may be completely destroyed however, the following oblique view downloaded from Google Earth is an elongated circular structure that could represent the remnants of the Santa Fe Impact Structure or a smaller slightly younger impact structure that helped destroy an earlier larger impact structure that actually was responsible for generating the nest of shatter cones. Marker 0. 50. 21 is the location of the nest of shatter cones in the road cut, I have found shatter cones all along the valley from the road up to markers 0. I have taken samples looking for planar microstructures. Markers 0. 50. 56, 0fo. Pennsylvanian and Mississippian sandstone where I have samples of quartz grains with planar microstructures whose angles to the C Axis I have measured and indexed fitting the requirements for Planar Deformation Features see below.   I have found breccia, mega breccia, melts, and probable allocthonus slideblocks all containing quartz with planar microstructures PMs that fit the scale of planar deformation features PDFs and histograms of the angle of the pole of the planar microstructure to the c axis resemble those of known impact structures. Waypoint Numbers on the following two maps 0. I have found grains of quartz with planar microstructures.  Waypoint 0. The above map plots the location of the sandstone samples on a geologic map of the Santa Fe Impact Structure. The Geologic Map was cut and pasted from the Preliminary Geologic Map of the Santa Fe Quadrangle Bauer, May, 2. Last Revised 8 October 2. The formation symbols on the map are hard to read at this scale however, the buff yellow represents the Nambe Member of the Tertiary Tesuque Formation, the blue represents the Paleozoic Formations and the grey represents the Precambrian formations, all of which are described below. The descriptions have been cut and pasted from the Preliminary Geologic Map. Ttn Namb Member upper Oligocene to lower Miocene Poorly sorted sandy pebble to cobble conglomerate, sandstone, and minor mudstone composed of detritus eroded from pre Tertiary rocks. Color is typically red to pink but is locally white to very pale pink or buff. Base is unconformable on Proterozoic or Pennsylvanian rocks atvarious locations in the map area. Basal contact is highly irregular in part because of erosional relief along the basal unconformity and also because of interpreted deposition of lower parts of the member in small half grabens. In the Big Tesuque watershed there are at least 4. Namb Member locally present below the Bishops Lodge Member. These lowest Namb strata are distinctive for their abundance of Paleozoic clasts 2. Namb strata between Bishops Lodge volcaniclastic intervals in the Bishops Lodge Arroyo de la Piedra area contain 2. Paleozoic clasts and Namb beds above the Bishops Lodge Member contains lt 1. Paleozoic clasts. These variations in clast composition have been demonstrated through 1. Namb Member. The abundance of Paleozoic clasts in the lower Namb Member is curious since these strata rest on Proterozoic rocks. Although one cannot discount the possibility of Paleozoic rocks cropping out in the vicinity of the current Santa Fe Range during Tesuque deposition, it is also possible that the Paleozoic clasts originated from localities east of the Picuris Pecos fault. The latter interpretation would require Neogene west side up motion of that fault zone, which has been suggested previously but has not been supported by structural studies along the fault. A zone of unusually coarse blocks of Paleozoic limestone and sandstone at the base of the Namb Member near Big Tesuque Creek is indicated on the map by closed box symbols.  These clasts are 2 4 m across. Spiegel and Baldwin portrayed a dip slope containing such clasts above Proterozoic rocks on the north side of Big Tesuque Creek as Pennsylvanian bedrock. Despite the large size of the Paleozoic clasts found on that slope, there is no outcrop of such rocks and exposures along the USFS Winsor Trail, at the southern end of that slope, clearly show the large blocks to be in the basal Tesuque Formation. The origin of these large clasts is unknown and is especially puzzling in the absence of nearby Paleozoic outcrops. They may be a residual lag of Pennsylvanian clasts resting on exhumed Precambrian outcrops and then buried beneath Tesuque Formation. Otherwise, clast sizes in the Namb Member are generally 2 2. About Vandenberg Air Force Base. As expected, I was only able to observe the Titan 4 while the solid. A relatively faint exhaust trail appeared. I focused the binoculars on it, I could. As the vehicle climbed, the flame became. As soon as the SRBs separated and they got surprisingly. The SRBs flashed a few times while tumbling, and then faded. Pacific Ocean impact. Goodbye Titan Russ Schnapp. San Diego, CA. Wow This was one day I was actually glad to be a taxpayer My love. and I parked at the North end of Union Sugar Road on the bank of the. Santa Ynez river next to an immense field of artichokes, just under. We could see the top 3. The weather was perfect with only a few alto nimbus clouds. Liftoff occurs, the last of the Titans slowly lifts up past the trees. Through binoculars we could see the. The flame was so very very bright, it burned. The length. of the flame was 3 or 4 times the length of the rocket itself. It. only took a few seconds before the sound hit us. It started off as a. The rocket turned to. South and pointed its engines almost directly at our location. You could actually feel the sound pressing against your skin and. When booster separation occurred, we. Everything faded into the. We could still hear the rumble and crackle of the. Inside tip for readers While we were driving back into Lompoc to. I have. ever seen. There was tons of equipment including a generator to run. I stopped and asked where we could view the footage. The. gentleman told me its to be included in an upcoming pilot working. Space on the Fox Network to be aired sometime between Spring. Fall Todd Walker and Jer Jarvis. Pismo Beach, CA. The launch was visible and quite audible from here at Morro Bay in. Because of the southerly. I was watching with a 2. It was a peculiar sight when the main liquid. My wife, watching without a telescope, remarked. The solids did seem to keep burning long after separation. Their crazy. tumbling still smoking as well was amusing to watch. The main engines. When the noise showed up, it was appropriately. Vandenberg. J. R.

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var q thecopyrightslearnthehardwayzip213Were all gonna die someday, but Im here with a list of more than 1000 bucket list ideas to help you make the most of the time that youve got. Lyberty. coms weeklymonthly splash page. Yes, a splash page is old fashioned, but its been a tradition here since 1999. Lowepro Pro. Tactic 3. AW Camera and Laptop Backpack LP3. B HShare a favorite product for chances to win one of four 1. B H Gift Cards Monday starting. Limit 1 entry per day Come back every day to increase your chance of winning OFFICIAL B H 1,0. GIFT CARD DASH SWEEPSTAKE RULESNO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The B H 1,0. Gift Card Dash the Sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law and is sponsored by B H Foto Electronics Corp., 4. The Copyrights Learn The Hard Way Zip 213Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 1. Sponsor. It is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook or Twitter in any way. Entry PeriodMethods of Entry. The Sweepstakes will run from on or about December 4, 2. December 3. 1, 2. Entry Period. Entries received outside the Entry Period are void. Enter the Sweepstakes via either one of the following methods. Buy Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW Camera and Laptop Backpack Black features Holds 12 Pro DSLRs, 1 with 2470 f2. 8, Fits 6 Extra Lenses Flash Units. Review Lowepro. Share any product found on the B H website the Website on Facebook or Twitter via the dedicated links contained on the Website using the hashtag BHWish. List or 2 Mail a postcard postmarked during the Entry Period containing your name, address, phone number, and email address, and indicate the subjects, if any, about which you are interested in receiving future emails from B H e. B H 1,0. 00. Gift Card Dash Sweepstakes, co B H Foto Electronics Corp., 4. Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 1. Entry. Entries must not, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor, contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content. 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var q doublepressupcalculator26amp3bcalendarmanualDOPOD D8. 10 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. U ser M a n u a l catalog. Thank you for purchasing the all new Windows Mobile PDA Phone Microsoft, MS DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Active. Sync, Excel, Internet Explorer, MSN, Outlook, Power. Point, and Word are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corpo ration in the United States of America andor other countries. Quick. Mark and its icons are registered trademarks of Simple. Act, Inc. Important Safety Precautions Please adhere to the following safety precautions when using this prod uct to avoid risk of legal and monetary responsibilities. Electrical Safety This product is only operable when using battery supplied power. Using other power sources may cause harmful conditions and will void all guar antees for this product. Dopod Defective Pixel Warranty Policy As the LCD display on the handheld product is made up of high precision components, possible lit or dark pixels Note appearing on the display screen is a common occurrence from the product manufacturing pro cess. If your purchased product meets the following conditions, you may. Table of Contents G e t ti n g t o K no w Yo u r P8 0 0 W 1. Introduce to Handset. About the USIMSIM Card Battery. Learn about the Today Screen. Programs. View M e s sa g e s 4. Using the Messaging Center. SMS. 4. 3 MMS Multi. Media Message. Outlook E mail. POP3 IMAP Account. M an a gi n g Pe r s o na l I nf o r m at i o n 5. Contacts. E xp er i e n ce M ob i le Off i c e L i v e 8. Word Mobile. Excel Mobile. Power. Point Mobile. Adboe Reader LE. Wi r e le s s Co n n e c ti o ns 9. Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar ManualComm Manager. Clock Alarm. Screen. 1. 1. Device Information. About. 1. 1. Microphone AGC. Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar ManualView and Download DOPOD D810 user manual online. D810 Cell Phone pdf manual download. Technology keeps you connected everywhere you go, helps you capture every moment makes your life a bit easier stay uptodate with tips tricks from eHow. Beam. 1. 1. Task Manager. U s in g M o r e Pr o g r a m s 1. Java MIDIet Manager. How to Use This Manual After purchasing this product, carefully read through the user manual before operating. For your reading convenience, this manual is de signed with many tips and services in order to help you find information quickly. Page Format Generally, each page is separated into up per and lower areas, regardless of the left or right half of the page. About Action Icons Every topics content page includes icons that will as sist the reader in operating the product and learning quickly. At the beginning of each action icon, the pur pose of this action will be outlined in red background color. Each procedure will indicate the step sequence numbers, the action you will need to execute, the screen that appears for this procedure, and the de. Topic Getting to Know Your D8. In this topic, you will learn. Introduction to Handset SIM Card and Battery Learn about the Today Screen Start Menu Standby Mode and System OnOff Soft Reset and Hard Reset CH0. Index Action Introduction to Handset. Learn about the Today Screen. Status Indicator and Program Icons. Start Menu. Power Off. Reset Your Device. Using the Restore to Default. Using Hard Reset Restore to Default. Introduction to Handset Getting to know your handset buttons and LED indicators. Introduction to Handset The left LED indicates the Wi. Fi and Bluetooth. A blinking Blue light stands for Bluetooth system notifica Left LED tion of activated and ready to transmit radio frequency Indicator signal. START Button Press to open the Start menu. NAVIGATION Press this multi directional control up, down, left, or right Control EN to move through menus and program instructions carry out the selection by pressing the center button. Press to confirm your data entries, or to exit the pro OK Button gram in use. OK button and the OK. Press to confirm your data entries, or to exit the OK Button program in use. Use the main camera to take still photos and record Main Camera video clips. Connect your device to the car antenna while in a car Car Antenna Connector to have better reception quality. About the USIMSIM Card and Battery Always turn off your device before installingreplacing the battery and SIM card. Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar ManualFollow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to install a SIM Subscriber Identity Module card provided by your local network service provider and to install the battery. Charge the Battery New batteries are shipped partially charged. Before you start using your device, it is recommended that you install and charge the battery. Some bat teries perform best after several full chargedischarge cycles. Charge the battery in two ways. Learn about the Today screen The Today screen displays important information, such as upcoming ap pointments and status indicators You can tap a section on the screen to open the associated program. To access the Today screen, please select. Status indicator and program icons Status indicator New E mail or text message EDGE is active SMS notification of voice mail New multimedia MMS mes Roaming sage New MSN message Connection is active There are more notifications. Connection is not active Tap the icon to view all. G UMTS in process 3. G UMTS is active Stereo Bluetooth headset de Sprite Backup notification tected USB connection active When your device is connected to your computer and you enable a USB connection between them, the USB to PC icon will ap pears on the Today Screen. Programs Using the Programs Synchronize information between your Active. Sync device and a PC or the Exchange Server. Searches for other Bluetooth devices that Bluetooth Explorer have file sharing enabled and allows you to access their Bluetooth shared folder. Lets you perform basic arithmetic and Calculator calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Allows you to connect your notebook com Internet Sharing puter to the Internet through your devices data connection. Allows you to browse Web and WAP sites Internet Explorer as well as download new programs and files from the Internet. Allows you to send and receive e mail, Messaging MMS, and text messages. Streaming Media video. Scan and recognize QRCode 2. D bar code can also used to save contact information. Quick. Mark Please download this program from Dopod Website. Lets you create, view, and edit Word docu Word Mobile ments. Enables you to save memory and free up storage space on your device by compress ing files in the conventional ZIP format. Standby Mode and System OnOff Press to turn off the display temporarily. This switches your device to Sleep mode. You can still receive calls and messages when your device is in Sleep mode. Press and hold for about 5 seconds to turn off the power completely. All functions including the phone will be unavailable for use. Soft Reset and Hard Reset Soft Reset restart the device and the operating system. When programs are not responding correctly, or new programs are installed, soft reset is required. Unsaved data will be lost after performing Soft Reset, but saved information will remain unchanged. Perform Hard Reset when the system problems cannot be solve by Soft Reset. Use Hard Reset to reset the device to factory default. All personal information such as contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, as well as additional installed programs and configurations will be lost. You can sync the data to a personal computer prior to performing. Hard Resetto avoid data loss. When the phone malfunctions due to an error, you can try restoring the factory default values.

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var q howtoinstallscientificlinuxfromusbLinux SCSI Target LIOThe Linux SCSI Target Wiki. QLogic Fibre Channel running at line rate in target mode with PCIe device passthrough and MSI X polled interrupts across LinuxSCSI qla. LLD request and response rings. Linux. IO LIO has been the Linux SCSI target since kernel version 2. It supports a rapidly growing number of fabric modules, and all existing Linux block devices as backstores. Overview Linux. IO is based on a SCSI engine that implements the semantics of a SCSI target as described in the SCSI Architecture Model SAM, and supports its comprehensive SPC 3SPC 4 feature set in a fabric agnostic way. The SCSI target core does not directly communicate with initiators and it does not directly access data on disk. LIO has obtained VMware v. Sphere 4 Ready certification on Buffalo PDF and QNAP PDF systems, and v. Sphere 5 Ready certification on Netgear PDF and Pure Storage PDF systems. Native support in Open. Stack setup, code, starting with the Grizzly release, makes LIO also an attractive storage option for cloud deployments. The LIO core targetcore. Linux kernel driver database was released with Linux kernel 2. January 1. 4, 2. 01. Setup targetcli provides a comprehensive, powerful and easy CLI tool to configure and manage LIO. Datera. Fabric modules Fabric modules implement the frontend of the SCSI target. They speak specific protocols that transport SCSI commands. How To Install Scientific Linux From UsbLinuxIO LIO has been the Linux SCSI target since kernel version 2. 6. 38. It supports a rapidly growing number of fabric modules, and all existing Linux block devices. The Fabric Hardware Abstraction Layer F HAL allows all protocol specific processing to be encapsulated in fabric modules. The following fabric modules are available. Fibre Channel SCSI access over FC networks with QLogic. Brainboxes 1 Port RS232 USB to Serial Adapter US101 USB to Serial adapter providing one RS232 serial port. Data transfer rates up to 921,600 baud rates and the 128. Arch Linux is an independently developed i686x8664 optimized community distribution, based on a rollingrelease package model and targeted at competent GNULinux. Compares Linux distributions major, minor, regional in simple table format. Information such as price, support, documentation, included packages. How To Install Scientific Linux From UsbHow To Install Scientific Linux From UsbHBAs qla. 2xxx. ko, released. Fibre Channel over Ethernet FCo. E FC access over Ethernet tcmfc. Fire. Wire SCSI access over Fire. Wire i. EEE 1. 39. IBM v. SCSI IBM virtual SCSI v. SCSI module for IBM System p ibmvscsis. RC. i. SCSI SCSI access over IP networks iscsi. SER i. SCSI access over Infini. Band networks with Mellanox. HCAs ibsert. ko, released. SRP SCSI access over Infini. Band networks with Mellanox HCAs srpt. SCSI emulation device to serve any type of raw hardware to local applications and VMs as a fully SCSISPC 4 compliant block device, including emulation of advanced functionality loopback. USB Gadget SCSI access over USB networks tcmusbgadget. Host QEMU virtio and virtio scsi PV guests tcmvhost. Backstores Backstores implement the LIO backend. They implement the methods of accessing data on disk. A backstore subsystem plugin is a physical storage object that provides the block device underlying a SCSI Endpoint. Backstore objects can be added via the Storage Hardware Abstraction Layer S HAL that brings storage hardware into LIO engine as raw block devices, on which the Linux stack just works including complex functionality such as software RAID, LVM, snapshots, virtualization, etc. LIO supports the SCSI 3 standard for all backstore devices block devices andor VFS. FILEIO Linux VFS devices any file on a mounted filesystem. It may be backed by a file or an underlying real block device. FILEIO is using struct file to serve block IO with various methods synchronous or asynchronous and buffered or direct. The Linux kernel code for filesystems resides in linuxfs. By default, FILEIO uses non buffered mode OSYNC set. IBLOCK Linux BLOCK devices any block device that appears in sysblock. The Linux kernel code for block devices is in linuxblock. PSCSI Linux pass through SCSI devices any storage object that supports direct pass through of SCSI commands without SCSI emulation. This assumes an underlying SCSI device that appears with lsscsi in procscsiscsi, such as a SAS hard drive, etc. SCSI 3 and higher is supported with this subsystem, but only for control CDBs capable by the device firmware. Memory Copy RAMDISK Linux RAMDISKMCP Memory Copy ram disks rdmcp provide ram disks with full SCSI emulation and separate memory mappings using memory copy for initiators, thus providing multi session capability. This is most useful for fast volatile mass storage for production. SCSI functionality is implemented directly in the LIO engine in a fabric agnostic way, including a number of high end features, such as Persistent Reservations PRs, Asymmetric Logical Unit Assignment ALUA, v. Storage APIs for Array Integration VAAI following the SPC 4 standard. The backstore devices FILEIO, IBLOCK, p. SCSI, RAMDISK, etc. report the underlying HW limitiations for things like TCQ depth, Max. Sectors, Task. Aborted. Status, UA Interlocking, etc. All of these values are available as attributes in the targetcli device context. Specifications The following specifications are available as T1. Working Drafts. SCSI Architecture Model 2 SAM 2 SAM 2 describes the second generation of the SCSI Architecture Model. Status Published, 2. SCSI Architecture Model 3 SAM 3 SAM 3 describes the third generation of the SCSI Architecture Model. Status Published, 2. SCSI Architecture Model 4 SAM 4 SAM 4 describes the fourth generation of the SCSI Architecture Model. Status Published, 2. SCSI Primary Commands 2 SPC 2 contains the second generation definition of the basic commands for all SCSI devices. SPC 2 is used in conjuction with a standard for the specific device type. In 2. 00. 6, the ANSI SPC 2 standard was replaced with ISOIEC 1. ANSI. Status Published, 2. SCSI Primary Commands 3 SPC 3 contains the third generation definition of the basic commands for all SCSI devices. SPC 3 is used in conjuction with a standard for the specific device type. Status Published, 2. SCSI Primary Commands 4 SPC 4 contains the fourth generation definition of the basic commands for all SCSI devices. SPC 4 is used in conjuction with a standard for the specific device type. Status Development, 2. Small Computer System Interface 2 SCSI 2 SCSI 2 defines the second generation of the Small Computer System Interface. Status Published, 1. Glossary Access Control List ACL Used to specify the access rights for Initiators to TPGs. Backstore A physical storage object that provides the actual storage underlying an SCSI Endpoint. Command Descriptor Block CDB The standard format for SCSI commands. CDBs are commonly 6, 1. Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol CHAP An authentication technique for confirming the identity of one computer to another. Described in RFC 1. Connection Identifier CID A 1. Initiator, that uniquely identifies a connection between two i. SCSI devices. This number is presented during the login phase. Endpoint The combination of an i. SCSI Target. Name with an i. SCSI TPG Tag IQN Tag. Converged Network Adapter CNA An Ethernet PCIe network adapter NIC that natively supports RDMA via Ro. CE, also called RNIC. Demo Mode Means disabling authentification for an i. SCSI Endpoint, i. ACLs are diabled. Demo Mode grants read only access to all i. SCSI Initiators that attempt to connect to that specific Endpoint. See the i. SCSI entry on how to enable Demo Mode. Data Integrity Field DIF Is an approach to protect data integrity in computer data storage. It was proposed in 2. T1. 0 committee of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards. Extended Unique Identifier EUI A 6. The format consists of 2. IT Nexus An IT Nexus denotes a live session between an Initiator and a target. Initiator The originating end of a SCSI session. Typically a controlling device such as a computer.