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Vancouver Wikitravel. Vancouver. Towers and mountains looking at the Vancouver skyline from Cambie Street. Download Android 2.1 Rom For Htc Tattoo'>Download Android 2.1 Rom For Htc Tattoo. Vancouver is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings have a look at each of them. For other places with the same name, see Vancouver disambiguation. Vancouver6. 6 is the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada, and third largest in Canada, with a population of 2. Located at the southwestern corner of the coastal province of British Columbia, it is well known for its majestic natural beauty, as it is nestled between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Appleby College Boarding. Did You Know. Full Sail University offers online degree programs in computer animation, game art, and game design Learn more about Full Sail Universitys online. W hether you are looking for a masters degree program, computer science classes, a K12 curriculum, or GED study program, this list gives you a look at 50 websites. Courses Offered In Canadian Institutes For May and September 2018 Intake Alexander College. Cours De Mecanique Quantique Pdf Gratuit on this page. Program list for May September 2018 Intake as of 11102017. It is frequently ranked as one of the best cities to live in and is certainly a beautiful destination to visit. DistrictseditVancouverites broadly split their city into three the Westside, the Eastside or East Van and city centre. This split is simply geography everything west of Ontario St is the Westside, everything east is East Vancouver and everything north of False Creek is the city centre. Each of these areas have their own attractions and neighbourhoods, so time permitting, explore as many as you can. The areas in the city of Vancouver are frequently confused with the separate cities of North Vancouver and West Vancouver. North Vancouver and West Vancouver are north of Burrard Inlet and are not part of the city of Vancouver itself. City Centre. City Centre. The financial, shopping and entertainment centre of the city. It has many of Vancouvers most notable landmarks and easy connections to other parts of the city and the Lower Mainland. With its multitude of accommodation and restaurant options, it is the ideal, if pricey, place to base yourself for exploring the city. Stanley Park and the West End. One of the most popular places to hang out in the Vancouver, with its beaches, Stanley Park and lots of little shops and eateries. Gastown Chinatown. The original townsite of Vancouver. Langara College faculty are helping lead a provincewide effort to convince the B. C. government to hike funding for higher education. Gastown is a mix of kitsch, heritage and urban chic. Chinatown is one of the largest Chinatowns in North America. Yaletown False Creek. Capilano College Graphic Design Program' title='Capilano College Graphic Design Program' />Reclaimed industrial land that is now modern trendy neighbourhoods with some fantastic views along False Creek. The district hosts Vancouvers major spectator sports and is home to the Athletes Village from the 2. Winter Olympics. Outside the city centre. Kitsilano Granville Island. The very popular Kitsilano Beach, art studios, the famous Granville Island Public Market and fantastic urban style shopping particularly 4th Avenue, 1. Avenue and Broadway where chain stores mix with unique independent shops. UBC Point Grey. The University of British Columbia campus has a number of attractions, including two sets of gardens and the acclaimed Museum of Anthropology. Nearby is Pacific Spirit Park, and further east in Point Grey, are two large beaches, Jericho and Spanish Banks. The UBC campus is also home to the popular clothing optional beach, Wreck Beach. Mt Pleasant South Main. Capilano College Graphic Design Program' title='Capilano College Graphic Design Program' />Main Street is an up and coming artsy part of the city filled with unique shops. Nearby is Queen Elizabeth Park, which is the highest point in Vancouver and has some excellent free gardens. Annualcreditreport.Com Affiliate Program more. YoungjuChoWayFinding.jpg' alt='Capilano College Graphic Design Program' title='Capilano College Graphic Design Program' />Commercial Drive Hastings Park. A mostly residential area of the city. Commercial Drive is a trendy neighbourhood containing many ethnic restaurants and unique boutiques. Vancouver South. A mostly residential area that includes the Kerrisdale, Dunbar, Oakridge, Marpole and Shaughnessy neighbourhoods. Capilano College Graphic Design Program' title='Capilano College Graphic Design Program' />This list covers only the city itself. For its many suburbs, see Lower Mainland. UnderstandeditHistoryeditWhile Vancouver is a comparatively young city, at just over 1. The Coast Salish indigenous peoples First Nations have lived in the area for at least 6. Vancouvers namesake Captain George Vancouver sailed through the First Narrows in 1. The first settlement on the downtown peninsula was Granville, located on the spot of todays Gastown. In the year of Canadas confederation a saloon was built on this site and gave birth to a small shantytown of bars and stores adjacent to the original mill on the south shore of what is now the citys harbour. A seemingly endless supply of high quality lumber was logged and sold through the ports of Gastown and Moodyville, across the inlet. Some of the trees were gigantic beams which were shipped to China to construct Beijings Imperial Palace, and one account maintains that the worlds windjammer fleets could not have been built without the trees of Burrard Inlet. Vancouver proper was signed into existence in 1. The first City Hall was little more than a hand painted sign nailed to a wooden tent post. The arrival of the transcontinental railway a few years later spurred growth even more and by 1. Factor in constant growth every year since many in the double digits, and Greater Vancouver today is Canadas largest metropolitan area west of Toronto by far with more than 2,6. British Columbias population as a whole. It is also the fastest growing part of Canada. Greater Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse metropolitan areas in the world and is home to the second largest Chinatown in North America after San Francisco. For many, Vancouver truly arrived in 1. Expo 8. 6 Worlds Fair. Media attention from around the world was consistently positive, though many saw the resulting gentrification of poorer areas as being harmful to Vancouvers lower class citizens, with many residents of the Downtown Eastside being evicted from their homes. Vancouver also hosted the 2. Winter Olympics, which was largely seen as another success, though it brought some similar criticisms. Vancouver is perhaps best known for its scenic beauty, and the opportunities afforded by its natural environment. Vancouver is one of those rare places where you could theoretically ski in the mountains, windsurf in the ocean, and play a round of golf all in the same day. Surrounded by water on three sides, and crowned by the North Shore mountains, Vancouver is a great destination in itself, as well a great starting point for discovering the areas many outdoor activities. Vancouver is a major sea port on the Pacific Ocean, and a base for many Alaska Cruise Ships in the summer. It has the same name as another city in the region, Vancouver, Washington USA. ClimateeditClimate. Daily highs C 6 8 1. Nightly lows C 1 2 3 5 8 1. Precipitation mm 1. See the Vancouver 7 day forecast at Environment Canada. With the exception of Victoria, Vancouver has the mildest climate of any major city in Canada even palm trees can and do grow here. It rains a lot in Vancouver, especially during the winters, but during the summer months Vancouver gets less rain than most other Canadian cities. During the winter months it can go weeks without seeing the sun or a dry day, but the temperature rarely goes below freezing. Heavy snowfalls are common in the nearby mountains, but unusual in the city itself and lead to major traffic congestion when snow accumulates. The weather in Vancouver is similar to the southern UK, and while weather is similar to Seattles, Vancouver frequently enjoys somewhat better weather overall. In the early summer the days often start out cloudy, due to marine air, but becomes clear by noon. Contrary to Vancouvers wet reputation, during the summer it is actually the second driest major Canadian city after Victoria. Summer temperatures are not extreme, the typical day time high between June and August is around 2.