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DOPOD D8. 10 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. U ser M a n u a l catalog. Thank you for purchasing the all new Windows Mobile PDA Phone Microsoft, MS DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Active. Sync, Excel, Internet Explorer, MSN, Outlook, Power. Point, and Word are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corpo ration in the United States of America andor other countries. Quick. Mark and its icons are registered trademarks of Simple. Act, Inc. Important Safety Precautions Please adhere to the following safety precautions when using this prod uct to avoid risk of legal and monetary responsibilities. Electrical Safety This product is only operable when using battery supplied power. Using other power sources may cause harmful conditions and will void all guar antees for this product. Dopod Defective Pixel Warranty Policy As the LCD display on the handheld product is made up of high precision components, possible lit or dark pixels Note appearing on the display screen is a common occurrence from the product manufacturing pro cess. If your purchased product meets the following conditions, you may. Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' title='Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' />Table of Contents G e t ti n g t o K no w Yo u r P8 0 0 W 1. Introduce to Handset. About the USIMSIM Card Battery. Learn about the Today Screen. Programs. View M e s sa g e s 4. Using the Messaging Center. SMS. 4. 3 MMS Multi. Media Message. Outlook E mail. POP3 IMAP Account. M an a gi n g Pe r s o na l I nf o r m at i o n 5. Contacts. E xp er i e n ce M ob i le Off i c e L i v e 8. Word Mobile. Excel Mobile. Power. Point Mobile. Adboe Reader LE. Wi r e le s s Co n n e c ti o ns 9. Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' title='Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' />Comm Manager. Clock Alarm. Screen. Device Information. About. 1. 1. Microphone AGC. Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' title='Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' />View and Download DOPOD D810 user manual online. D810 Cell Phone pdf manual download. Technology keeps you connected everywhere you go, helps you capture every moment makes your life a bit easier stay uptodate with tips tricks from eHow. Beam. 1. 1. Task Manager. U s in g M o r e Pr o g r a m s 1. Java MIDIet Manager. How to Use This Manual After purchasing this product, carefully read through the user manual before operating. For your reading convenience, this manual is de signed with many tips and services in order to help you find information quickly. Page Format Generally, each page is separated into up per and lower areas, regardless of the left or right half of the page. About Action Icons Every topics content page includes icons that will as sist the reader in operating the product and learning quickly. At the beginning of each action icon, the pur pose of this action will be outlined in red background color. Each procedure will indicate the step sequence numbers, the action you will need to execute, the screen that appears for this procedure, and the de. Topic Getting to Know Your D8. In this topic, you will learn. Introduction to Handset SIM Card and Battery Learn about the Today Screen Start Menu Standby Mode and System OnOff Soft Reset and Hard Reset CH0. Index Action Introduction to Handset. Learn about the Today Screen. Status Indicator and Program Icons. Start Menu. Power Off. Reset Your Device. Using the Restore to Default. Using Hard Reset Restore to Default. Introduction to Handset Getting to know your handset buttons and LED indicators. Introduction to Handset The left LED indicates the Wi. Fi and Bluetooth. A blinking Blue light stands for Bluetooth system notifica Left LED tion of activated and ready to transmit radio frequency Indicator signal. START Button Press to open the Start menu. NAVIGATION Press this multi directional control up, down, left, or right Control EN to move through menus and program instructions carry out the selection by pressing the center button. Calculus With Early Transcendentals 6Th Edition. Press to confirm your data entries, or to exit the pro OK Button gram in use. OK button and the OK. Press to confirm your data entries, or to exit the OK Button program in use. Use the main camera to take still photos and record Main Camera video clips. Connect your device to the car antenna while in a car Car Antenna Connector to have better reception quality. About the USIMSIM Card and Battery Always turn off your device before installingreplacing the battery and SIM card. Slide-up-Calendar-Ca-43243.jpg' alt='Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' title='Double Press Up Calculator &Amp; Calendar Manual' />Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to install a SIM Subscriber Identity Module card provided by your local network service provider and to install the battery. Charge the Battery New batteries are shipped partially charged. Before you start using your device, it is recommended that you install and charge the battery. Some bat teries perform best after several full chargedischarge cycles. Charge the battery in two ways. Learn about the Today screen The Today screen displays important information, such as upcoming ap pointments and status indicators You can tap a section on the screen to open the associated program. To access the Today screen, please select. Status indicator and program icons Status indicator New E mail or text message EDGE is active SMS notification of voice mail New multimedia MMS mes Roaming sage New MSN message Connection is active There are more notifications. Connection is not active Tap the icon to view all. G UMTS in process 3. G UMTS is active Stereo Bluetooth headset de Sprite Backup notification tected USB connection active When your device is connected to your computer and you enable a USB connection between them, the USB to PC icon will ap pears on the Today Screen. Programs Using the Programs Synchronize information between your Active. Sync device and a PC or the Exchange Server. Searches for other Bluetooth devices that Bluetooth Explorer have file sharing enabled and allows you to access their Bluetooth shared folder. Lets you perform basic arithmetic and Calculator calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Allows you to connect your notebook com Internet Sharing puter to the Internet through your devices data connection. Allows you to browse Web and WAP sites Internet Explorer as well as download new programs and files from the Internet. Allows you to send and receive e mail, Messaging MMS, and text messages. Streaming Media video. Scan and recognize QRCode 2. D bar code can also used to save contact information. Quick. Mark Please download this program from Dopod Website. Lets you create, view, and edit Word docu Word Mobile ments. Enables you to save memory and free up storage space on your device by compress ing files in the conventional ZIP format. Standby Mode and System OnOff Press to turn off the display temporarily. This switches your device to Sleep mode. You can still receive calls and messages when your device is in Sleep mode. Press and hold for about 5 seconds to turn off the power completely. All functions including the phone will be unavailable for use. Soft Reset and Hard Reset Soft Reset restart the device and the operating system. When programs are not responding correctly, or new programs are installed, soft reset is required. Unsaved data will be lost after performing Soft Reset, but saved information will remain unchanged. Perform Hard Reset when the system problems cannot be solve by Soft Reset. Use Hard Reset to reset the device to factory default. All personal information such as contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, as well as additional installed programs and configurations will be lost. You can sync the data to a personal computer prior to performing. Hard Resetto avoid data loss. When the phone malfunctions due to an error, you can try restoring the factory default values.